Peru by Chaunte Vaughn

I recently returned from a trip to Peru with Nuna Journeys of the Spirit. It was an unexpected expedition that included alpacas, moon ceremonies, sun ceremonies, despachos, empanadas, Machu Picchu, and an Incan civilization in the clouds. I'll share an excerpt from my journal. 

"That night we slept in the homes of the villagers. The father of our house, named Milton, led Addie and I through the foggy dark to his stone and straw hut to a bed of straw and Alpaca furs. His wife slept next to us while he and his 3 children stayed on the other side of the room. Guinea pigs roamed in the corner, a puppy slept curled by the door, and a black cat made an appearance at some point. Animal hides hung from the wood rafters, pots and pans were stacked into stone shelves. Smoke from the cooking fire hovered in the air above me."